On the Verge

Captain's Log

That was an usually successful trip, which as usual means more paperwork. Skeeter’s file has been noted for his exemplary conduct is disguising the ship, plus his skillful activities performed on the planet which is noted in the classified log. The Astrid still needs repairs, and I hope to have those completed at Bluefall upon our arrival. Operating her at a 75% crew is draining on everyone, I am getting much more time behind the pilot’s desk than I would prefer.

Our two guests seem to be settling in well, but neither has shown a propensity to cooking that I had hoped for. The ambassador has some very different ideas about dinner time. I have had a good time conversing with both of them and hope to draw them out a little more during our time together. Who knows what kind of opportunities that might be hidden there. I’ve been trying to convince the ambassador that I am a duly authorized Concord authority and he should share his mission with me so we can take any steps necessary to accommodate them, without any success to date.

We have many priorities to accomplish in the short term. First we need to get the Ambassador into Concord’s hands at Bluefall. While there get the Astrid repaired, find at least some temporary crew replacements, and if timing is supportive meet with the Deuces Wild. We cannot tarry longer than is necessary though there is much to be done. I suppose we will need to have a quick swim at our favorite resort while we are there.

After that, we need to get back to the Dreth. I am convinced that we can turn our control of the glassmaker systems defense satellites into a treaty with Thorn. They still need a larger defense fleet, and have great need for upgrades and overhauls. Exclusive rights (a.k.a. treaty) should be easy to negotiate. Hopefully Thorn will have someone able with those skills on Bluefall we can pick up, otherwise I’ll have to send the Deuces Wild home to pick someone up.

Also, the leaders of the stronger centralized government at Dewi would probably like to hear from Kanar. It shouldn’t be too hard to contact Will Eakin, Brian Corella, or Alita Spinner. I’d also like to debrief Administrator Tirras on what has happened since we left her. She might have some valuable insights or premonitions. I suppose I need to put that information into my Concord log. I think I’m wearing too many hats…

Captain Cenet Oester TCS Astrid In drivespace


Lialos Lialos

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