On the Verge

Captain's Log 8-28-6

Onboard the Runni Vagna. Destination: Through the lightning Nebula to points unknown.

It is always very hard to lose a crew member, the second under my direct command. It is hard enough to suffer the guilt of taking the life of those who wish to do the same to us, but even worse to lose one of my own. Na’nosh was more than just a crewmate. I’ll always think of him as a survivor and a friend.

Is there something that could be done? I don’t understand how these psionics work. Every time my crew tries to explain it to me, my head hurts even worse. Perhaps even talking about causes pain. There has to be something we can do! Otherwise this may be a doomed mission from the start.

I wonder how the Deuces Wild is doing on their quest. We won’t know for months. It will weigh heavy on my heart if we lose some of them in this gamble. They are a fine, valiant crew. I guess I must be satisfied that I am confident that they will execute their charge with honor. Hopefully the utmost violence is enough when coupled with the element of surprise! Alternatively, hopefully they see no sign of our harassers. That will mean that the spy is not onboard the Runni Vagna, and we have left that albatross behind on the Astrid.

Today will be another tough one. Funeral for Na’nosh and a burial at sea. I am glad that Swift Miss is here to help with these tasks. Then the unpleasant task of securing Arton’s orb. Incommunicado is incommunicado, and he seems to have such a hard time with that. Plus, perhaps the orb is how we are being tracked. Now that we are past Meriden, it must be put in that special box Skeeter made for me. I hope it works in both it’s requirements.

After this eulogy, I have to work on his award citations…


Lialos Lialos

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