On the Verge

Contraptions and Revelations

The engineering spaces were in an unaccustomed state of clutter, complete chaos one might say. Pieces of equipment were strewn about in what might may have been an organized fashion, but declaring it so would be risking much. Plans of plans lay upon more plans atop each counter space. Amidst the clutter a slight figure stood, reptilian in nature, slightly bobbing and bouncing at once and the same. Chief Engineer of the TCS Astrid, scanned the each piece of clutter, taking in it’s purpose and relation to each piece of clutter around it. That the contraption worked had been proven but how to make it even better? The ability to instantly recharge a star-drive was no mere trifle. “Hrm,” Skeeter said to himself and no one in particular as he was want to do, “I have to get the Va’krl out of the this loop to port this recharge ability to any ship.

A slight shuffle noise captured a very tiny potion of Skeeter’s attention. Coming as it were from inside the engineering space that he typically held sole sovereignty of, it drew enough of his attention that he forced a glance to the corner of the room. “Ah, Swift Miss” he mumbled. She had been hanging out in the room for the past two days but had not yet made any peep or put together even a single word indicating “hello” or “good day”. All the sudden she had popped down from the top of cutting tool rack and slowly picked her way over to where Skeeter stood among the barely arranged clumps of the star-drive recharger. Carefully, but with a keen look of understanding in her eye, she said “Looks like she is guiding the Tachyons for you, that’s what she’s doing. Va’krl I mean.” Three pairs of eye blinked, and the pupils followed each other towards the center of her face then back again, once more blinking. Swift Miss smiled and patted Skeeter on the shoulder. “I can do that too you know, guide the Tachyons, otherwise you can’t describe where they are going and you’ll never catch enough in short order.”

Skeeter considered the statement, bounced and bobbed with one hand held over his head. Slowly the hand cam down and rested over his right eye. “You can do what Va’krl does?” He asked and stated. Light flared in the Chief Engineer’s eyes, “Describe in excruciating detail what that means” he said as he turned on the recorder.


Lialos Lialos

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