On the Verge

Mealtime Catastrophe

Mealtime is rarely an exciting time in space, although it is a time for crews to relax, recharge, and renew friendships around a good meal. The crew of the Runni Vagna was enjoying another one of Stihl’s sumptuous treats. “What was I thinking in letting this guy go,” mused the Captain, grateful to have the chef back aboard after his stint on the Deuces Wild.

As the crew discussed their upcoming mission to Meriden, all eyes turned towards the new negotiator as she screamed, but it wasn’t her that kept their gaze, it was what she was pointing at. Across the table from her, Na’nosh, the pilot, was stonefaced as his eight eyes bulged and began bleeding. Before even Jackie, the ship’s surgeon, could get to him, he slumped down in his chair and blood started from his nose and ears as well. It was all over in an hour. Despite everything she knew about sesheyan anatomy, the doctor couldn’t keep him alive


Lialos Lialos

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