On the Verge

Medical Officer's Log

As a girl I remember my father taking us to see the “Crystal Chartres” at the Glassmaker ruins in the Perdon Valley. The official name of the site is HM17, but we locals always called it “the cathedral” for its sweeping buttresslike crystal columns. My grandfather told me that he met a Solar in his youth who had actually been to Chartres, and that HM17 was even more impressive, but that is lost forever. That bastard Thaal, and his beasts have destroyed it. The irony that what we called a cathedral was actually a Glassmaker weapons plant is entirely lost on me, although Malasy seems to get quite a chuckle out of it. It was great seeing my parents, and mom’s borscht is as good as it comes for comfort food, and comforting is what I needed. I could barely tell my parents what I had seen, and I could tell they didn’t believe me. It may be some time before I see them again, I hope the Cosimir will protect them.

Swift Miss continues to improve and gain her strength, although she has been sleeping more often than usual and keeps referring to very strange dreams about her ancestors. Additionally she has taken a keen interest in watching Skeeter lately and she sits for hours down in engineering looking at the contraption he built to recharge the stardrive. Skeeter told me she sat unmoving for nearly 7 hours yesterday with barely a word. At other times, she seems to be her usual self and has been sparring with both Swodens and Nanosh. I will keep an eye on her.

Swodens is also recovering nicely. I finally got the opportunity to repair his damaged ribs from that fight on Corrivale. Luckily his body armor had staunched the wound and administered some painkillers, but the ribs had punctured the lung, and I’m not sure how he survived these last weeks. I obviously have more to learn about sesheyan physiology, that damage would have killed a human.

We are on our way back to Bronte again. All the Captain ever talks about is revenues, margins, and cost benefit indices when we’re there, he’s more obsessed with business than a Rigunmoor.


Lialos Lialos

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