On the Verge

Medical Officer's Personal Log

We arrived in the Sedin system four days ago, and thank the Cosimir we are finally leaving. I thought the stardrive would never recharge. Damn that thing.

We’re trying to track down some guy named Calesque. Well, it turns out he is the Calesque that the system is named for. We met one of his adventuring buddies, Robertson was his name, at the 19th Hole, apparently the standard VC bar. I imagine there’s a 19th Hole at every VC station in the universe.

Anyways, we’re just leaving VCT SO2237, the otherwise worthless VC station orbiting Sedin IV. I mean, the planet isn’t even important enough for a name, but the Corpses are terraforming it anyways. It’s their money I guess.

I don’t know the whole story, but while Mr. Xiphos, Himiko, and myself were walking through the station, all off a sudden Arton rushed off chasing through the station. When we caught up with him, he had knocked out some VC employee, who upon regaining consciousness promptly died of gas inhalation. Something in his tooth apparently. Xiphos hasn’t seemed the same since that encounter. Like he just found out a relative died.

A general alert was issued shortly thereafter, but luckily we had a bit of an alibi. When we finally got back to the ship, the damn stardrive couldn’t charge fast enough for my liking.

Now we’re off to Calesque. Before he committed suicide, Robertson implied that Calesque might still be in the system bearing his name.


Lialos Lialos

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