On the Verge

Unexpected Journey

Swo’dens awoke with a start and instantly cringed as a shooting pain came up from his side. The battle with the dimensional beast came back to him. “Yes!” he thought, “Those dimensional bastards got what was coming to them!” and no sooner had he said it then the realization dawned on him, “Where the hell am I?”. He lay on the muddy bank of a small stream his Tiger Mod 6 power armor partially sinking into the soft earth.

Struggling through the pain and disorientation he managed to raise out of the sucking earth. Swo’dens scanned his body for additional wounds and performed functions checks on the powered armor and filament chain. His trained eye naturally continued to the ground around him, circling away from where he found himself, “Hrm, no tracks leading to this place, not even my own.” He began moving away from his origin, in ever increasing cirlces, scanning the brush and trees for any signs. Twenty-minutes of searching left him standing over an unconcious Swift Miss about 100 meters from where he had been. No tracks excepting his own led to where she was. “Does she look older?”, he wondered briefly before starting to revive her.


Nice one Jerry!

Unexpected Journey
Lialos Hlynrian

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