On the Verge

Corporate Memorandum

Director XA834 17GFT,

It is with regret that I must report several serious setbacks to the Division’s expansion plans.

A Summons

After being back in the Dewi system for several days, the command crew of TCS Astrid received a polite request/summons to meet with Lodiri Ba Tiras, the Concord System Administrator.

Relics of the Past

Lorient, Dewi – The much dreaded and anticipated arrival of the relic Warhulk occurred today.

The Star is Lost

Kliot, Tarsis – The Star of Tarsis is lost.

We Missed the Warhulk
While waiting on the Astrid

It had been roughly 6 hours since the away team had boarded the Warhulk, when Zhin Kim announced to everyone, “the Warhulk has just gone into starfall.”

War Update #1

Recent events in the war that started with the annihilation of the Concord fleet at Hammer’s Star have been mixed.

The Return to Talbot

Delille, Talbot – A large fleet accompanying the city ship designated by the Concord as Mirage One arrived in Talbot this morning.

Bent, but not Broken

Delille, Talbot – The Thorn Industries ship Astrid arrived at Talbot amid a bright silver wash of starrise cascading down her length.

Installing the Va'krl

In drivespace after leaving the fight at Mirage One – Arton, Xihan, and Skeeter were working to “install” the Va’krl on the bridge, Xihan and Arton were mumbling in a language Skeeter could only assume was Fraal, a language Skeeter didn’t know Arton was able to speak.

Admiral Klyn's After Action Report

We starfalled less than 2 AU’s away from the Mirage One. I immediately ordered the fleet to disperse from the Trader Dawn and to take up previously arranged battle groups.


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