On the Verge

Writeup Needed

Can somebody write something real quick. This was when you guys dropped Captain Calesque off at Aegis.

More Needed - Savages or Saviour

Tribon, Lison, Oberon – This reporter had the distinct honor of getting to spend the last 24 hours with a group of outworlder rhodium runners. I thought it would be an opportunity to get to see the inside of the rhodium runner’s trade. Lives of danger, money, and sex. Instead, it was a rare chance to witness a group who would normally be considered scum and villainy take on an incredible challenge. Unfortunately, the group insisted on anonymity, so much of our video was edited to remove faces and identifying marks from the runners. Suffice it to say they were your fairly standard group of rhodium runners, and their captain was captivatingly handsome, but a girl never kisses and tells.

.h1 Can somebody add a writeup of the event that led to the destruction of Organism Omega on the surface of Lison? The adventure where you gained the 2 body tanks.

The Concord Moves in Mysterious Ways

Tribon, Lison, Oberon – After spending several weeks in the Oberon system, the Concord destroyer Ikazuchi unexpectedly made starfall, with no explanations having been left. There are unconfirmed reports that shortly before leaving the system, the Ikazuchi made rendezvous with an outworlder tradeship.

Conflict in Low Orbit

After spending more than two weeks in the system, between scanning and cataloguing things, and eventually finding the whereabouts of the explorers, the crew of PCV Astrid made ready to liftoff from Tybalt. The doctor having completely sedated the raving lunatic, Calesque, things were finally back to a somewhat normal state.

Writeup needed - Calesque Review

Can someone writeup a brief of the events on the planet Calesque? Surveying the system. Landing. Fighting the natives. The pyramid temple. The swarm of locusts? Saving Calesque and subding him?

Medical Officer's Personal Log

We arrived in the Sedin system four days ago, and thank the Cosimir we are finally leaving. I thought the stardrive would never recharge. Damn that thing.

Crime Syndicate Broken Up

Tribon, Lison, Oberon – In a rare victory against the rampant crime in Tribon City, the authorities were able to eradicate a major crime syndicate headed by Quentin Tryce.

Captains Log 12062503
Meeting Ondway

Interesting first Orders, go to Corrivale and pick up two new crewmembers.

Captains Log 11242503

PCV Astrid is a lovely ship. What a terrific job Phorcyn Shipyards has done in her refit. With quality work like this we have a chance for Gilden’s plan to actually work. Look out Verge!

Not Proven?!

Duma, Phorcys, Thalaassa – In a strange twist of fate, the Concord officer guilty of assassinating Ambassador Lauren Delvecchio will go free.


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