On the Verge

Peace in Thalaassa
Peace comes to the Thalaassan system

CSS Falada, Thalaassa – Ending a war that no one wants to continue fighting is child’s play, at least that’s the only way to compare it to what Concord Ambassador Lauren Delvecchio has most recently accomplished. The two warring planets of the Thalaassa system have never even hinted at any desire to end their century long war, and yet the aging Ambassador has seemingly brought the warring parties to the table of peace, and next Tuesday a formal armistice and peace treaty will be signed on Phorcys.


Duma, Phorcys, Thalaassa – It is impossible to describe the horror on the faces of witnesses, as the shuttle carrying Concord Ambassador Delvecchio exploded while transiting the atmosphere en route to the signing of the peace accord.

After 100 years of fighting, the war was almost over. With the Ambassador dead, who knows what will come of the armistice and the peace.

Peace to Continue

CSS Falada, Thalaassa – With the wreck of the transport carrying Concord Ambassador Lauren Delvecchio having blown up in a fiery explosion 80 miles above the surface of Phorcys, many felt that the chances for peace in Thalaassa had been destroyed as well. “Not so,” says the Captain of the CSS Falada, Elinke Daryev.


Duma, Phorcys, Thalaassa – Phorcyn and Concord authorities have just released information that the explosion two days ago that claimed the lives of thirteen including Concord Ambassador Lauren Delvecchio was an assassination. There had been wild rumors running about, with claims that everyone from Aegis to Zeta Haritari was behind the explosion, but the truth may be stranger than all of that. Sources who refused to be named have stated that a bomb may have been planted aboard the shuttle by a Star Force officer. Star Force, or the Concord Navy, representatives have refused to comment at this time.

Phorcyn Startup Hiring

Duma, Phorcys, Thalaassa – Phorcyn Shipwrights, Ltd. a newly formed LLC in Duma has put out the “Help Wanted” sign.

Not Proven?!

Duma, Phorcys, Thalaassa – In a strange twist of fate, the Concord officer guilty of assassinating Ambassador Lauren Delvecchio will go free.

Captains Log 11242503

PCV Astrid is a lovely ship. What a terrific job Phorcyn Shipyards has done in her refit. With quality work like this we have a chance for Gilden’s plan to actually work. Look out Verge!

Captains Log 12062503
Meeting Ondway

Interesting first Orders, go to Corrivale and pick up two new crewmembers.

Crime Syndicate Broken Up

Tribon, Lison, Oberon – In a rare victory against the rampant crime in Tribon City, the authorities were able to eradicate a major crime syndicate headed by Quentin Tryce.

Medical Officer's Personal Log

We arrived in the Sedin system four days ago, and thank the Cosimir we are finally leaving. I thought the stardrive would never recharge. Damn that thing.


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