2504 Schedule

Lighthouse Projected Schedule, 2504

From the Office of Administrator Wakefield 11.11.03

To All Recipients:

The Galactic Concord wishes to publicly advise that the following schedule is subject to change. The Concord reserves the right to modify the Lighthouse itinerary without notice. As a matter of course, tachyonic charge regeneration may allow the station to depart systems earlier than the schedule plans. In addition, an especially long recharge cycle may necessitate that the station lengthen planned stays. A number sign (#) indicates that the Lighthouse will be out of drivespace communications range during the stay in the system.

System Dates Special Events System Dates Special Events
Aegis 12.29-1.08 Year-End Symposium on State of the Verge Endomar 7.10-7.14 Transfer raw materials Security: High
Cambria 1.13-1.17 Transfer colonists and engineering team Aegis 7.19-7.29 Monitor Thuldan naval parade
Ignatius 1.22-1.28 Convey ke’kekt contact development team Argos 8.03-8.14 Transfer environmental impact assessment team
Oberon 2.02-2.08 Sovereignty diplomatic conference Annahoy 8.19-8.24 First starfall
Corrivale 2.13-2.17 Transfer Concord ambassador Ptolemy 8.29-9.03 Open precinct of Concord administration Security: High
Rinstroke 2.22-3.1 Security: High Corrivale 9.08-9.14 Rendezvous with CSS Trader Dawn
Karnath 3.06-3.10 Transfer Concord Species Development Team Tendril 9.19-10.03 Receive the Monitor
Retrast 3.15-3.20 First starfall (Coord: 18.72/22.64/9.91) Aegis 10.08-10.20 Deliver materials and Arriver personnel
Tendril 3.15-3.31 Receive the Monitor Hammer’s Star 10.25-10.27 Transfer military personnel and cargo. Rendezvous with CSS Vition
Lucullus 4.05-4.13 Transfer raw materials Security: High Chinju 11.01-11.04 First starfall (Coord 7.24/-23.54/5.26)
Exile 4.18-4.23 Project: Reconciliation Tychus# 11.09-11.20 Attend Orlamist Holiday Fest
Aegis 4.28-5.12 Deliver materials and Arriver personnel Vieron 11.25-12.01 Replenish Corazon
Zin Point 5.17-5.20 Rendezvous with CSS Revealer Argos 12.06-12.09 Transfer Concord Species Development Team
Algemron 5.25-6.07 Transfer war relief Security: High Mantebron 12.14-12.21 Deploy orbital trading station
Oasis 6.12-6.15 First starfall Aegis 12.26-1.04 Year-End Symposium on State of the Verge
Coulomb 6.20-6.28 Sovereignty diplomatic conference. - - -
Mikoa 7.03-7.05 First starfall - - -

2504 Schedule

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