The bhruu are a species of quadrupeds, roughly the size of a buffalo, known for their strangely dextrous mouths. They have thick, rank hair. Their feet are padded, not hooved, and they have long, prehensile tails. The creature’s lips, tongue, and teeth are extremely dextrous. Their heads are crowned with long, bony spikes. They are a rather explorative species, and can be found throughout the Verge, albeit they are rare.

Personality: Bhruus enjoy a good conversation and will talk off the ear of anyone that cares to listen. They are peaceful and see many other species as violent savages.

Bhruu Homeworld: Bhruus hail from the planet, Bhruusil in the Karnath system.

Example Names: Canaruun, Nelmaruun, Stephaun, Yelmuu

Adventurers: Bhruu as a species are primitive, but with the use of specially designed harnesses, they are quickly overcoming their physical shortcomings and displaying a knack for quick learning.

Stat Min Max
STR 12 16
DEX 4 9
CON 10 16
INT 4 14
WIL 6 14
PER 4 14

Free Broad Skills: Unarmed Attack, Movement, Stamina, Knowledge, Awareness, Interaction


  • Charge does 2d4s/2d6s/d6w using Unarmed Attack – Brawl skill. Must run at least 10m to charge.
  • Trample does d4+2s/d4+1w/d6+2w using Unarmed Attack – Brawl skill. May make one trample and one tail attack per action
  • Tail does d4s/d4w/d6+1w using Unarmed Attack – brawl skill. Tail can only hit target behind bhruu and within 2m radius

Defenses: Armor: d6-1 (LI), d4-2 (HI), d4 (En)


  • Bhruu suffer a +3 penalty to any Athletics or Acrobatics skill checks.
  • Cannot use Vehicle Operation, Manipulation, and similar skills unless they are wearing a special harness, such as those designed by Insight.


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