Blix are small, four-amed, blue skinned humanoids with a flair for repairing equipment. They are seen as the ultimate spacehands. They work all day for nothing more than a bed and some food. Each blix carries a tool that seems to be a universal device for taking apart and fixing things.

Personality: Blix are friendly and seem to have a way of putting nearly everyone they meet at ease, except the weren who find blix to be infuriating.

Blix Homeworld: No one knows where the Blix came from. They appeared in a sphereical vessel outside of Bluefall, and jetisoned several escape pods. Since blix are mute, they really can’t say where they are from.

Languages: Blix don’t speak, but are experts at pantomime (sign language).

Example Names: Blix simply accept whatever name their friends and bosses give them as long as they are at least respectful.

Adventurers: Blix can be found all over the galaxy working anywhere where there is something to fix. Most blix simply show up, look around, and simply get to work. It is considered by many spacers to be bad luck to turn away a blix. Most blix leave once they have fixed everything that can be to find another place in need of their services. However, sometime blix take to a person or a crew and become a full-fledged member of the party.

Stat Min Max
STR 4 9
DEX 4 14
CON 6 12
INT 8 16
WIL 6 14
PER 4 14

Free Broad Skills: Athletics, Manipulation, Stealth, Stamina, Computer Science, Technical Science


  • All Blix are Tech Ops, and they have no psionic abilities
  • Blix are nonagressive and will not use any of the combat skills, or ship system weapon skills.
  • Universal rule: -4 bonus to all Technical Science – repair skill checks


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