Blue Planet Vacation

Dear Mom:

All is well here on the blue planet. We are having a great time vacationing. Yesterday we went diving for babbles. It was junk mostly but still we had fun in the water and it gave the actual feel of being a treasure hunter. We also went out deep sea fishing and while we were out there we responded to an emergency. Another boat had hit a bouy and was sinking. Our quick response saved the day and we were able to rescue some very nice people. Unfortunately, we were not able to save everyone. Poor Anton, he has no sea legs and kept falling down on the other boat.

All is well here on the Astrid, don’t worry Mom, we’re staying well away from trouble.

Love, Skeeter

Dear Dad:

Our blue planet vacation was a near disaster. While out deep sea fishing we responded to an emergency call from another boat. While trying to help rescue those poor folks we came under attack by creatures in the water. Dad, you would have been so proud of me, I made the call instantly that these were laser shooting sharks and so it proved to be.

We ran to an island with our new charges, he had a secret island, a private island and it was great. At least for about 2 minutes until the Thuldan warriors attacked in speed boats and a grav tank. We withdrew into the compound to arm ourselves as we had not brought or weapons fishing.

The Thuldans were making short work of the island security defenses while we were making plans to die in place. I suggested that this place probably had an underground bunker and so it proved to be. We quickly got some folks heading down the elevator while I prepared to function as regard until the elevator could return. I was backed up by Anton and Gunner and we layed in ambush at the door to the building. Two massive and terrifying Thuldan warriors came through the door, I fired and fired my laser at them, they dropped into the dust. Imagine that Dad! Your boy killed two Thuldan warriors in close combat! Well, I had a bit of help from Anton and Gunner.

It was clear that we’d not hold very long but luckily the elevator returned and we went down into the bunker. There were all kinds of strange biological experiments going on down there, you would have been horrified. There is nothing that can’t be done with technology, I don’t understand why people mess with DNA.

Inside the bunker there was an underground pool connected to the ocean. The shark guy came back and started planting charges to destroy our sub, the only way off the island now. We had to act quick so we ran down to do battle with him. It was a damn near run thing, the sharks and strange character in charge of them (a sort of amphibious Bobo Fett if you remember that old Earth tale) attacked us with great verve. Poor Anton, he took the brunt of the attacks while trying to close into sword range, he should really learn to use a pistol. Things were looking dicey when I decide to charge forward and throw a demolition charge at the sharks. What a stroke of genius, my well thrown missile landed right on a shark and blasted them good. Both sharks blew up, probably they share a common damage link that spread loads damage across multiple entities using nano wave distribution modules. The Ambibious Bobo Fett fell next and it was all over except for the disarming demolitions which was childs play.

Oh well, it was a great vacation Love, Skeeter

P.S. Mom thinks we just went fishing and diving

Blue Planet Vacation

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