Tironean Sargasso

Usually shown as a vague area half a light year or so in diameter, the Tironean Sargasso is the subject of sea stories and holovids. An inordinate number of ships have gone missing crossing that area of space has caused most Vergers to avoid the area completely. Tales of four headed space monsters, and fleets of tentacled aliens only enhanced the region’s reputation.

In truth, the Sargasso is a physical area in the shape of a torus, with its inner radius roughly 4 AU’s, and its outer radius just over 700 AU’s. The interior of the Sargasso has the remains of a planet that has been destroyed, and is slowly revolving around the central core, more like a space archipelago than a sargasso. The border of the Sargasso appears to consist of a force field of some sort, and a vortex of flotsam and jetsam that revolves both around the central point of the torus, and around the walls of the torus itself.

To date, the Patterner has determined that the Sargasso is a former testing range for Glassmaker weapons and devices, and that seemingly there is a field that stretches into drivespace, trapping shipping in roughly a quarter LY radius in every direction from the Sargasso’s core, and depositing them inside the torroidal barrier. Thus, there is an ephemeral limit to the size of the Sargasso, as well as a physical size. The Patterner believes this ephemeral limit was designed as a “catch all” safety mechanism to ensure that if they ever missed the mark when testing, that their errors would be sucked into the Sargasso.

The crew of the TCS Astrid first landed in the Sargasso on Saturday, December 19, 2505. They discovered a civilization that referred to the interior of the Sargasso as “The Abyss” for obvious reasons. A crystalline lifeform within the Sargasso seemingly “eats” tachyons, and uses them as the building blocks for their structure. The engineer of the Astrid was able to create a method of dissolving a section of a crystal and capturing the tachyons that were released, thus recharging the stardrive, and the Astrid immediately starfalled out of the Sargasso. No real interface with the inhabitants of the Sargasso ocurred, except that they were humanoid in appearance, with varying skin color, two large tentacles coming out of their heads, and claimed to be a “warrior species” that had lived in the Sargasso for 30,000 years. As well, it was mentioned that other races had gotten trapped inside the Sargasso from time to time, including some humans.

Other information discovered to date:

  • Ranged weapons are not overly accurate within the Sargasso. Ranging from +5 step penalty at the edges, to +0 step penalty in the core of the torus.
  • Sargasso natives can attenuate this a bit. +1 step for all natives. +2 with 4 ranks in a ranged skill. +3 steps with 8 ranks in a skill. +4 steps with 12 ranks in a skill.
  • There exists a light metal called Dallamite which is very malleable within the Sargasso, until it is exposed to a tachyon field, at which time it becomes very strong.
  • Multiple races exist within the Sargasso, so far the heroes have identified: Twi’lek, Duros, and Dabbers. They have heard that there are humans though, and roughly 20 species total. Species that do not have a breeding populace don’t count.
  • The heroes ran into Durnock. He is a Duro, and his occupation is “Chudhopper” or “Chudder”
  • Twi’leks use laser swords similar to Arton’s
  • Duros make great pilots
  • The population of the Sargasso is listed at 14-15 billion, although a hard census does not exist
  • The locals use a “Smash and Board” technique to fight invaders which is very effective, since most invaders are unaware of the limitations of ranged weapons within the Sargasso.

Tironean Sargasso

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